Here at The Retreat we believe that if you can't find it in the shops you can make it!!

Mark is an amazing artist who can turn his hand to anything - from Mummies to Masks, from Daleks to Dracula Cloaks.

Everything is made to your own specification - and is always beautifully finished - scroll down to see some of his creations.

Mark made all the items in these photographs - everything is made from found materials and expertly crafted into beautiful objects of desire.

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Have you got something that you long to own, but have never seen in the shops?

Have you a model or object that needs repair?

Well look no further - send us a message and we will discuss your ideas!

Henry bought these two lovelies from Ebay, but unfortunately they were badly broken and needed a new paint job.


Mark brought them back to life with a re-sculpt and a fresh coat of paint - that's another fine mess we got you out of Henry! 

Alan had always wanted a 'Hob's Lane' road sign to go with his original Quatermass poster. He asked, and here it is!

Alan's next commission for Mark is the creature - we'll post when it is ready...